Our Company

The core of our business philosophy is the production of modern products made of high-performance materials. These products are accurately adjusted to our customers’ demands. Under these premises, the COMAT GmbH has developed new manufacturing technologies (based on the filament winding technology) for the production of high-capacity components.


FilaWin® products are based on thermoset matrix materials. Components for mechanical engineering, aerospace, marine, etc. are produced with the filament winding process as well as with resin transfer moulding (RTM) technology. By means of filament winding, mainly rotation-symmetric components are manufactured such as tubes, tension rods /compression struts, shafts, rollers and armouring. Complex geometries can be implemented by RTM-process.
DExWin® products are based on thermoplastic materials. This company owned / in-house development enables the continous production of fibre-reinforced tubes and profiles. The pressure vessels – produced with this novel technology – are applied in the automotive sector (breaking systems of commercial vehicles).
The DexWin® profiles are mainly used as local reinforcement elements for instance in injection moulded components.
By Tape-winding (discontinuously), for example bearing sleeves are produced.

  • 2000 Foundation of the COMAT GmbH
  • 2000 Foundation of the Plastic-Network Rhineland-Palatinate (‘Kunststoff-Netzwerk Rheinland-Pfalz)
  • 2001 Equity holding of BASF with COMAT GmbH
  • 2002 Move to the industrial area Kaiserslautern Nord (‘IG KL-Nord)
  • 2004 Innovation Prize Rhineland-Palatinate
  • 2004 Setting up of DExWin® profile line
  • 2005 Innovation price AVK (‘Arbeitskreis Verstärkte Kunststoffe’ = Working Group Reinforced Plastics)
  • 2006 SOP Smart DexWin® profile
  • 2006 Setting up of DExWin® tube line D340mm